Leadership classes are for those that show dedication and high potential as a martial artist and who wants to be pushed in all aspects of martial arts.

these classes will give extra lessons in the traditional Weapons, Forms, Self-defence and different styles of fighting, from grappling to Kung Fu.

Due to the new skills and topics that we cover, you will also learn a deeper understanding of respect, self control and confidence  but also broadening your mind to Think outside the box, turning knowledge into wisdom.


The topics that we cover in Leadership are:

  • Advanced Sparring Techniques

  • Kung Fu

  • Take Downs

  • Forms

  • Grappling (Brazilian Jujistsu)

  • Street Defence

The Traditional Weapons we teach are:

  • Knife Defense

  • Kubotan

  • Nun-chucks

  • Bokken

  • Escrimas

  • Bo Staff

  • Tonfa


Leadership classes are for students from the age of 7 + and  on any belt level.   If you would like to be considered to join our Leadership program, please get in touch with Master Seb.