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Click to visit our private Facebook group called MF Team Seb - Devon and Somerset

Our main way to comunicate with parents and students training under Master Seb.

Find the latest news, updates and announcements within our schools,  along with any other posts that we think will be useful. Its a place to share ideas and ask questions..

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Facebook Group



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We sell a wide range of items from:

  • Uniforms, T-shirts, Hoodies

  • Sparring Gear, Pads, Paddles, shields

  • Leadership Training weapons, punch bags

If there is something you would like, and we don't sell it we can source it for you


Every 3 to 4 months we do a grading to your next belt.  There are 12 belts to Black belt.
These show your dedication and commitment to martial arts and reflects on your level of knowledge and skill. They are used for goal setting and is a record of your achievements.
The Lesson after grading, we invite you to bring your family and friends, as we will present you with your next belt and certificate.


There are 5  Tournaments held every year, A Northern, Southern, South East and South West. The biggest being the British Champs where all areas are combined. 
They are open to students of all ages from 3,  and all belt grades.where you compete against your relevant age and belt.

There are so many categories to compete in.:

  • Hand Drills

  • Kickboxing Drill

  • 5 (MightyMatts) or 10 kick Combos

  • Flying Side kick (Mightymatts)

  • Forms

  • Sparring

This is an all day event and is great to train at competition level,  Win Medals and have a family day out.


There are 3 main special days that we focus on.  Summer Fete / School Fair, Halloween,  and Christmas being an end of year party.

Summer Fair
We get asked as a group to put on a Martial Arts demo during the summer.  This is a great opportunitly to have fun learning a martial arts demo as a group and to perform to music infront of people.  Its a great way to boost your confidence, and working as a team. We also get to enjoy the rest of the activities at the event and makes a loverly day out.
If you would like to take part or know more,  Ask the Instructor.

The class before, We all dress up and do a fun themed warmup and lesson.
But more importantly we cover the Do's and Don'ts and Safety for students that might be trick or treating for Halloween.

Christmas - End of Year Party
On the last lesson of the year, we hold a 2 hour Party.   Friends and Family are welcome.  Fancy dress in onesies or christmas clothes. Christmas themed warmup with off-syllabus martial arts techniques with punch bags, paddle kick ladders, and Floor Matts.
Then a buffet of Food and drink.   To finish the party off, Tug-of-War  all students against Instructors.