We are a very friendly and enthusastic team with one objective in mind: to bring out the best from people, helping to boost their confidence, create a positive way of thinking and wellbeing and to meet their personal goals.

Me and the rest of the team were once students, and still are. Martial arts has changed our lives forever; This is the main reason we are part of the team as we want to pass on these benefits and help others grow.

Every student is different and on a unique journey. We feel proud to be part it.


These are the main instructors and swat team members that help with classes.

All are very friendly, and will be glad to help with any problems or queries you may have in class.

Chief Instructor
Master Morey-Weale
Jordan Tiley
Tim Hooper
Junior Assistant
Organisation Owner
Grand Master Fiddes
Panel Examiner
Grand Master Murphy


We see everyone as part of our team, from our staff to students to parents.

Assistants / Junior Assistants

With the students We want to build them into becoming role models and leaders, especially with our Juniors.
Building on respect and a good high moral code, our assistants enjoy having responsibility by helping fellow students, learning the skills and confidence to communicate and teach.


We value the help that you the parents give, with tasks that are not always seen; From helping set up halls to being a friendly face and someone to talk to when new members arrive.


If you or your children would like to help please let us know and we can all work together, to learn new skills.